Warnings & Condemnation


The Aberfan disaster is a terrifying tale of bungling ineptitude by men charged with tasks for which they were totally unfitted.  The conclusion of the Aberfan inquiry 1967


In the years before the disaster, complaints had been made to the NCB by local residents and by the local Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council.


24 July 1963 - The slurry is so fluid and the gradient so steep it could not possibly stay in position in the winter or during periods of heavy rain.  Waterworks engineer DCW Jones


20 August 1963 - Letter to the NCB - You are no doubt well aware the tips at Merthyr Vale tower above the Pantglas area and if they were to move a very serious position would accrue.  Waterworks engineer DCW Jones


28 January 1964 - A satisfactory and suitable place other than the tip to dispose of the tailings eludes me at the moment.  NCB mechanical engineer Mr Roberts


March 1964 - It is likely to be of danger to Pantglas school.  NCB engineer Mr Roberts


On the basis of these precedents, the 1967 inquiry concluded - Our strong and unanimous conclusion is that the Aberfan disaster could and should have been prevented.