There is much excellent material already published about Aberfan.  I list some information below:


http://hiraeth.org.uk/aberfan/index.html – This describes in detail what happened. 


http://aberfan-disaster.gonetoosoon.org – Light a candle on this website to preserve the memory. 


Iain McLean has written on History & Policy in the following link: 



Dr David C F Wright has written an excellent article in the following link: 

http://christian-moral.net/pdf/aberfan.pdf (copy and paste this link into the address box of your browser) - or click on the following link - http://christian-moral.net  Click on General Articles, then Aberfan which is the first article on the list.


Lessons of the disaster have not been learned worldwide !  See - http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/10/21/lessons-of-aberfan-still-not-learned-worldwide-45-years-on-says-leading-safety-expert-91466-29633773/   "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana


“Aberfan – The Terrible Price” – a well presented
documentary published by Past-Times Video Productions.

See – http://shop.sixtmedia.org.uk/epages/es137294.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es137294/Categories

Enter Aberfan in the Product search box.


Aberfan - A story of Survival, Love and Community in One of Britain's Worst Disasters, by Gaynor Madgwick - her second book, published 2016 by Y Lolfa Cyf.  ISBN 978-1-78461-275-7.  I can supply a personally signed copy by the author.  Delivered by hand to addresses in Aberfan and Merthyr Vale for £10.  Inland 1st class postage, including 1 copy of the book: £12.  Inland 1st class postage, including 2 copies of the book: £23.50.  To place an order, phone (01 443) 300 711 or (01 303) 851 067.  Email: LambOfKent@gmail.com  Or write to Brian Lamb, 23 Aberfan Road, Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4QN or 14 Marlborough Court, Earls Avenue, Folkestone, CT20 2PN.


Surviving Aberfan, The People's Story, by Sue Elliott, Steve Humphries, Bevan Jones.  Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd.  ISBN 978-1-78623-034-8.  A very interesting book illustrating the many different but similar hurdles all people had to endure.  It concludes that you don't 'get over' such disasters.  The grief and shock is ongoing.  It is embedded into people's memories.  It's not like getting over a cold or the flu !   The people who remain have found their own ways of dealing with this very sad incident, which should never have happened..


Aberfan:  Government and Disasters by Iain McLean and Martin Johnes


Aberfan – Our Hiraeth, an anthology in poetry, prose and pictures, compiled by Maureen Hughes. Available from Maureen Hughes, 44 Aberfan Road, Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4QL. £10 + post & packing. Email: aberfanandmerth@btconnect.com


Aberfan, Struggling Out of the Darkness: A Survivor's Story (Remembering the Vale) by Gaynor Madgwick


Is It Still Raining in Aberfan?: A Pit and Its People, by Melanie Doel and Martin Dunkerton