Apology invited from the present gaovernment

I have asked, via my MP, if the present government is willing to offer an apology on behalf of the then government, about the way it handled the disaster.

The response I have had , is -

"The present government was not in office at the time the Aberfan disaster and its aftermeth occured so it cannot be in a position to apologise for it."  (28 October 2019)

"Cannot" is a very British approach.  I was not asking for the present government to take responsibility or offer compensation.  I was simply asking for an acknowledgement.  Governments automatically inherit the successes and failures of past governments.

I will invite the new government to offer an apology in October 2020.  Probably I will get the same or a similar answer.   


Conscience is a very peculiar thing.  There is no long-term escape from it.  We might get an apology in 50 or 100 years maybe.

That will depend on when sufficient members of the government at the time, not just the Secretary of State for Wales, will have their consciences switched on.

No-one was prosecuted, dismissed or demoted for the tragedy.

Money was borrowed as a contribution to remove the tips.  It was not donated for that purpose.  It was donated to help the victims and their families.

The original amount of money was repaid later.  At a later date, interest on the money was repaid, though not explicitly mentioned as such.

We cannot turn the clock back, but I think an apology would help.